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Francis J. O'Reilly, Attorney at Law
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Loan Modification
Francis J. O'Reilly, Attorney at Law

If you are behind in your mortgage payments, in foreclosure or in bankruptcy, most major banks are now required to review your mortgage to see if you qualify for a reduction in your interest rate, an extension of the term of your mortgage and even a reduction in the principal balance due on your mortgage. 

It is not necessary to retain the services of an attorney to qualify for these benefits, however our firm has experience obtaining favorable results in modifying our client's mortgages.

If you are considering hiring an attorney to assist you in modifying your mortgage please call for a free no cost, no obligation consultation. Call us at (845) 225-5800
In the current economic environment, many responsible homeowners have fallen behind in their home mortgage payments due to a decrease in income, uninsured medical costs, divorce or other reasons. While the reasons vary, one thing is certain: if the mortgage is not addressed, foreclosure is not far behind.